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Puppy Obedience Training

Puppies are the dog’s babies. As a dog owner, if you keep this one thing in mind, it will be very easy to understand your pup and deal with him. Just like a baby, a little puppy needs lots of patience and love from you. Most pet owners keep it in mind that their puppy should be treated like a human baby till it is looks small and cuddly. But dogs grow very fast and a six-month old puppy would weigh around 70 pounds too. Due to this, puppy obedience training takes on a new meaning and the dog’s size makes it look older.


Even though it looks larger, your puppy is a baby till he reaches his first birthday. As our babies need to be disciplined, a puppy too should have some routine and trained at an early stage. A puppy is less likely to have any bad habits and puppy obedience training gets rid of any other unwanted behavior in a peaceful manner. It is easy for the puppy to learn good manners and stick to rules when he is young.


One habit that a puppy can develop is that of chewing. It happens because of the new teeth that he is going to get. You should ensure that he does not chew on you. There are various remedies to stop him from chewing his owner. You can give him toys and bigger bones to chew on.


Another way is to give your puppy a frozen wet towel for some time. He can hold it under his gums and get some relief. But this must be done while you are around. Puppy obedience training can thus solve the problem of chewing in puppies. In case your pup bites you, simply hand over a bone in his mouth and say “Good boy!” This way he will know that chewing on a bone is expected behavior.


It should be remembered that till the puppy is well trained, it is a tough time for him as well as his owners. Puppy obedience training must be started in the first year itself. Dogs like to be kept busy. They are confused how to go about it and hence tend to try out dangerous things that they cannot handle. When he knows you support him, he will train better.