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Dog Obedience

Dogs are obedient and loyal pets. But are they obedient since the time you bring them to your house? No, they are not. They need training in dog obedience that can be given by their owners or in special dog training schools. The relationship between humans and dogs is based on this training to a great extent. All pet owners will agree to this fact. However they are confused as to why dogs should be trained in obedience and how it helps them.


Dogs are basically trained for obedience to help build a bond between his master and him. There are several methods through which dog obedience can be achieved such as dog whispering, clicker training, positive reinforcement, marker training, collar and leash and reward training to name a few. As a pet owner, you may select any means of training your dog. Finally you should ensure that the obedience training achieves the desired results that are given below.


Dog obedience training should be able to create an everlasting and healthy bonding between the owner and his dog. This involves a lucid communication pattern that helps you to know how your dog will behave in almost all situations, and your dog must become understanding enough to decipher his master’s behavior. This training also teaches your dog to act as expected in a responsible manner. This is because he is trained to follow certain restrictions and not behave any different than those.


Your dog should learn to connect with other dogs, animals and humans after his dog obedience training. He/she should inculcate the basic good manners required to live in society. Such training aids in prohibiting unwanted behavior in dogs like excessive barking, chewing, and digging and so on.


In any case, dogs and their owners benefit a lot from obedience training. Dogs get a clarity about how they should behave in various situations and can make out what is right for them. This training will prepare your dear dog for facing the world and you can easily take him along with you on trips and vacations. He will behave himself and you will be pleased to see how he obeys all your instructions and does not let you down in any way.