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Dog Obedience Tips

When we talk of dog obedience, every trainer will have a tip for you. And the funny thing about this is that all trainers differ in their opinion about training dogs. Every dog needs a different method of training him. There can never be a single technique that can be blindly used for all canines. Usually, a dog trainer uses a combination of various techniques while handling a dog. Still many pet owners keep looking for dog obedience tips that may help them out in training their dog.


For all those animal lovers and their trainers, here are some dog obedience tips that will give them a guideline for interacting with their pet dogs.


Tip # 1

Call your pet by its name. Let the dog know that he is referred to by a certain name. Once he is aware of his name, he can be controlled well since the dog will respond to his name. You can seek the dog’s attention by calling him when you are with him for a walk, in the park or while having food. You can do this exercise around ten times every day. Remember though that you should not punish your dog for responding to his name or coming close to you.


Tip # 2

Try and bring your command into action without repeating it often. It is not advisable to allow your dog to be inattentive towards a command. If you do not intend to give the command, simply don’t give it. You should not confuse the animal.


Tip # 3

Commands should be given at the correct timing. It proves to be a very effective form of communication. Every method of training dogs for obedience can be successful if used at the appropriate time. This is one of those dog obedience tips that every pet owner must follow.


Tip # 4

As a trainer or a pet owner, ensure that you strengthen the expected behavior and discourage incorrect behavior of the dog. Make him understand what is expected of him.


Last, but not the least, love your doggy a lot. Do not ignore him after he has behaved as expected. For instance, if your little puppy has just eliminated in the garden, be with him after the act if he wishes your company. This will reassure him of his good behavior and reinforce the bond between the two of you.