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Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training simply means training your pet dog to behave in an appropriate manner and obey his master. There are various techniques used for carrying out such training. Some types include harsh correction methods that can be inhuman. Clicker dog training is considered the kindest way of training dogs that proves valuable too. This training can be used to get rid of your dog’s unwanted behavior and also to imbibe good manners in him/her.


Clicker dog training employs the very successful behavioral science tactics to set up a transparent line of communication with our dogs. This training is based on the thought process of animals, including dogs, and how they react in various situations. This type of dog obedience training is the actual application of the research on dogs carried out over the years. Clicker training has a very positive outlook and is reward-based. It is made successful with cooperation, regularity, replication and affirmation. You don’t need to harm your dog in any way as there is no violence needed in this training.


Now why is this dog obedience training called clicker training? Simple, because it is done using a plastic tool called a clicker. It is a device with a metal strip that makes a fast, obvious, regular and peculiar noise when it is pressed. The trainer utilizes this clicker to point out a particular behavior in a dog and conveys the feedback to the dog too. This training is formulated after studying dog psychology and finds its base in operant conditioning and classical conditioning.


Any behavior that is rewarded is bound to be repeated. This is true in case of little children as well as dogs. This is the most important principle behind clicker dog training. On the other hand, dogs understand that the behavior which is not appreciated must not be duplicated. A clicker trainer has two effective communication methods such as operant and classical conditioning. Using these methods singularly or in combination, a good clicker trainer will give the best dog obedience training to your pet. The results are truly amazing and you will find great change in your dog after it is over.