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Dog Obedience Schools

Every pet owner that has trained his dog in obedience training is very happy with the results. Lots of dog owners have realized the value of this training that their dog receives. Some pet owners learn to impart such training and do it themselves. This may be because they are possessive about their dog and would not like anyone else to command him or train him. Other owners hire the services of a certified dog trainer for this purpose. But this is not possible for everybody as all dogs need a different kind of training as per his behavior. Such pet owners can heave a sigh of relief as dog obedience schools are the solution for training their dog.


Dog obedience schools are actually institutes that have training and boarding facilities for dogs. You don’t need to transport him everyday to the school like a kid. They also have other facilities such as training camps, shuttle service for your dog, remote collar dog training courses and behavior evaluation services. Every dog cannot fit into the same training pattern. That’s why a meeting with the school trainers is desirable before actually enrolling for any course. Any dog above the age of 5 months can be trained. The fees can start from around $650 and go up to $2200. You can also avail of puppy training for puppies aged 10 to 20 weeks of age.


If the dog stays there, it is better for the trainers to understand and handle them. Mostly all such schools employ certified and experienced trainers who fully understand the psyche of dogs and do their job well. They spend some time with the dog and try to determine the technique of dealing with it. Some dogs need lots of love, care and encouragement in order to train. There are dogs that require pushing every time and may be difficult to deal with. The trainers are professionals and can easily make out what will be the best way to handle them. Dog obedience schools are just like a home away from home. The dogs are taken care of well and pet owners can leave them for a little training period without any worry.