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Dog Obedience Classes

Dog owners today are highly aware of their dog’s needs. Dogs are trained to obey and behave themselves while at home or outdoors. Dogs share an unexplainable bond with their masters. They are intelligent animals and love to mingle socially too. If not trained in obedience, a dog will start showing aggressive behavior that may cause a problem for him as well as his owner. He will start acting like an animal and resort to excessive barking, chewing or sometimes, even biting you. Dog obedience classes teach your dog good manners in a friendly manner.


The difference between dog obedience classes and dog schools is the duration of the training. These classes are of a shorter duration and aimed at training your dog for obeying basic commands. As a pet owner, you can attend these classes to understand your pet better. Moreover, you will be given advice on how to train your dog and let him be a part of your family.


Pet owners get a chance to study the learning pattern of dogs and how they behave in a pack. There are lessons on the emotional set up of dogs too which will explain the dog’s behavior in certain situations. Trainers recommend that pet owners spend a minimum of 20 minutes every day training their pet so that they can get the most out of their classes.


The basic requirement for admission to these dog obedience classes is that your pet must have completed all his vaccinations to be given in the age of 4 – 6 months, including rabies. Grown-up dogs are allowed to join too, provided they are up to date with their inoculation schedule. Pet owners need to submit proofs of the same. There are various kinds of classes such as beginner’s classes that teach traditional and clicker-style training and intermediate training classes.


Beginner’s dog obedience classes include combined sessions of you and your dog wherein you work as a team. These classes teach your dog simple beginner commands like sit down, come here, yes, heel and sit, go down/ stay and so on. The intermediate classes are used to polish the dog’s behavior learnt in the previous sessions. Any dog that has successfully completed the beginner’s training can attend these classes. So now you can rest assured about training your dog with these obedience classes.