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Dog Obedience Trainer

Dog obedience training is the most sought after gift that dog owners want to give their pets. Dogs learn how to behave themselves in the society and also develop certain other skills that might allow them to participate in competitions and obedience trials. Pet owners have various ways to provide obedience training to their dogs. There are lots of training schools, clubs and classes that are especially set up for imparting obedience training to dogs. This dog training can be given only by a certified dog obedience trainer.


Dog obedience trainer is a professional who works with dogs and their owners to bring about a change in the dog’s behavior or simply to teach the dog basic obedience skills. There are various colleges offering a degree in dog training. Many dog lovers are availing of this career opportunity that can combine their hobby with work pleasure. You can have the option of studying from home that saves your time and money too. Lots of students who wish to work as an obedience trainer for extra income also do this course. This way they can be with dogs and earn some pocket money for themselves.


These trainer courses usually include lessons on understanding dog’s behavior, how they communicate and utilize their senses. You will also get a chance to learn to influence a dog’s behavior through conditioning and reinforcement. There are lessons on housetraining, crate training, hunting training a dog. Preliminary veterinary problems are also discussed. A dog obedience trainer also learns to manage a dog’s problematic behavior and teach him competition obedience.


If you choose a home based course for obedience trainers, you can have a flexible schedule. The only thing required is to finish your coursework at the time and place of your choice. Help is just a call away in the form of expert instructors who are always ready to guide you. However, you should take care that the institute wherein you are taking the course is accredited regionally and nationally. This will allow you to appear for the prestigious NADOI (National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors) exam.


Once you enroll for such a dog obedience trainer program, the institute will provide all the books, lessons and learning aids required for study. You also get instructional videos that give you a better and practical approach to the lessons. So rush for it now!